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Keep Children Learning During COVID

This year your support to READ Global is more important than ever!

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Help students like Samikshya

Your support can help children like Samikshya, a second grade student in Kailali, Nepal who has been out of school for almost five months with no remote learning options. “I love learning and going to school, and I really missed my school days, teachers and friends. Being stuck inside, unable to play with my friends or continue learning made me feel sad and unlucky”.

But that changed when Samikshya learned that the Tikapur READ Center was offering free classes for children. “Now, there are eight friends in my group that go to the Center, where we can learn, play, sing, and dance. I learned some multiplication tables, some rhymes, and I was so excited to see a computer for the first time and even get to use it! I love to go to class at the READ Center and feel lucky now. I haven’t missed a day since classes began!”

Samikshya’s school recently reopened, but we don’t know how long it will stay open. Children and their parents worry about falling behind and Samikshya told the READ librarian that she wants to be able to go to classes with her friends in the evenings and weekends to catch-up on all that she has missed.

Please donate to help READ continue classes in Kailali and other centers, so Samikshya, her friends and other children can keep learning.